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Al-Fahidi Historic District - House No 3, Al-Seef Road, Bur Dubai – Dubai, UAE

About Dubai Historic

The Architectural Heritage and Antiquities Department (AHAD) of Dubai Municipality is a comprehensive department that manages all aspects of preserving the architectural heritage and antiquities of the Emirate of Dubai from planning to design and execution of heritage projects based on international standards on conservation through different approved methods of restoration, rehabilitation, reconstruction and maintenance of historic buildings. It is also in charge of all the archeology sites in the Emirate of Dubai supervising foreign and local missions in their archeology works from surveying to excavation, restoration and registration of artifacts.


The web-site presents the archaeological objects which have been discovered in the Emirate of Dubai, including their description, date, mesurments and photos. Also the web-site presents the conservation work of the archaeological object.


Architectural ornaments are considered to be amongst the most significant elements of traditional architecture in Dubai. They are regarded as indicators of the local identity, as well as the expression of various cultural influences. Different building materials were used to create these ornaments. They ranged between geometric, floral, calligraphy and animalistic ornaments, which were in different forms such as linear, hollowed, prominent, engraved and so on. Documenting ornaments is considered to be the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirate.

Historic Documents

Historical documents are the mirror that reflects the history of any nation. The documents are of different kinds and could be written or printed, pictures or drawings , plans or recorded sounds, whether on paper or in magnetic tapes, or an electronic media or any other means, that include public and private historical documents.

Sites & Buidings

The Protection and Management Plan of Dubai Historic district included an inventory of Historical Buildings, which are located inside and outside the historic district to preserve the heritage of Dubai and sustainability for future generations. Dubai Municipality documented historically and architecturally the buildings and Sites which located within the historic district of the Emirate of Dubai. The Inventory list include General Building Information such as building Owner, date of construction and Building grade, List of Drawings and building photos in different stages, and public transaction related to the historical building.

Buildings and Collections